About us

A tiny domestic unit started in 1936 in now one of the biggest self contained Rice Mill making unit in North India with latest machines like CNC Lathe , CNC Turd Punching Machine, CNC Bending Machine, CNC Plasma Cutting Machine , CNC Laser Cutting Machine ,Induction Furnance, Cupola Furnance, Shearing Machine, Tig Welding, X-Ray Welding Machine, CNC Dynamically Balancing, German make DC Welding Machine and many other allied machines, for hands on experience for students of our college.


It was 1936 when our founder late Sh Dev Raj started the show. It was the business of Dhoop Making. Krishna Sudama Dhoop brand was world renowned trademark of the concern. It was popular in India and foreign market.

We had an extra nerve for modernization which We used to implement various simple techniques in day to day solving the problem. In 1948, he started a printing press to support the Dhoop industry. Within year it was regarded as one of the biggest press of the area. In 1966, company diversified small workshop into a big one and started manufacturing the Rice Mill Machinery. Rice industry in those days was based on traditionally old machine but we modernized it.